In project development, we have extensive experience in:

  • Condition cataloguing of art collections, from setting up systems for data collection to processing the results (Civic Museum, Pistoia, Correr Museum, Venice, Brera Gallery, Milan)
  • Documentation and condition mapping of works
  • Carrying out test areas/worksites as a prelude to conservation project planning (Church of San Nicola dei Lorenesi, Rome, The Ball Room and the Gallery of Francis I in the Chateaux of Fontainebleau, the Tower of Pisa)
  • Compiling the technical specifications/dossier for a project tender
  • Compilation of detailed pricing estimates for conservation or maintenance treatments
  • Conservation planning for heritage works as part of a wider scale project (for example, planning the conservation of paintings and plasters in the project for the restoration of Region (Regio) I and II in the archaeological site of Pompei)
  • Establishing protocols for maintenance and preventative conservation in museum collections (Museo di Roma in Rome, the historical carriages collection of the Presidency of the Republic of Italy, Rome)