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We treat works in a wide range of materials: panel and canvas paintings, wall paintings, works in stone, wood and mixed media, stucco and mosaics, monuments and historical facades, works of modern and contemporary art and we also provide museums, galleries and other colleagues with specialized structural restoration work for paintings on canvas, paper and leather. We have a specialized sector dedicated to private clients, whether they be collectors, antique dealers, organizations, corporations or members of the public. We have always sought to establish fruitful and mutually beneficial exchanges with other specialists in the many areas of heritage conservation, and have always been active in research, the study of artistic techniques, and in teaching and training, both with Italian and foreign partners. Other areas of special interest, and where we have extensive experience, include problems relating to environmental parameters and monitoring of temperature and humidity, bio-deterioration and pest management control, and setting up and implementing condition assessment and cataloguing and scheduled maintenance programmes.